LongLeaf Layover

Our Vision

Long Leaf Layover serves as a welcoming and harmonious space for those engaged in the Permaculture Mutual Aid Network fostered by The Peoples Project Earth. Our aim is to promote rest, build meaningful connections, and facilitate healing. We are dedicated to practicing People Permaculture, fostering a sustaining culture, and promoting open and transparent communication.

How We Operate

  • Full Consensus Decision Making: Long Leaf Layover values collective decision-making to create a safe and inclusive environment.
  • Family-Friendly and Kid-Safe Space: We prioritize creating a space suitable for families and children.
  • Temporary Stay: Visitors are welcome to stay for up to 14 days, with a minimum 24-hour leave requirement before returning.
  • Sustainable Land Use: Our land is divided into three plots, each with a unique purpose.
    1. Washington and Illinois Community Camping Space and Kitchen: A community area for camping and communal cooking.
    2. Hawaii and Washington Dirt Church Community Garden and Food Forest: A space dedicated to gardening and cultivating a food forest.
    3. Outdoor Classroom Konosioni School Project Seed Wild Forest School: An outdoor classroom for learning and ecological projects.
  • Permaculture Mutual Aid Network: We are proud members of this network, aiming to provide support, rest, and disaster relief supplies.

Our Standards

We uphold high standards for the well-being of our community:

  • Create a Serene Environment: We maintain a clutter-free and peaceful atmosphere for everyone’s comfort.
  • No Drugs: Our space is drug-free.
  • No Violence: Physical or verbal violence is strictly prohibited.
  • Community Harmony: We make a conscious effort to get along with others and promote peaceful coexistence.
  • People Permaculture: We practice a culture that sustains and nourishes the community.
  • Transparent Communication: We encourage open and direct communication.

Development and Sustainability

  • Consult Before Development: Major changes require consultation with three or more community members and full consensus.
  • Environmental Responsibility: We do not burn trash on our land, and we follow a “pack it in, pack it out” policy to minimize waste.

Land Vision Long Leaf Layover is a rest stop and hub for those involved in the Permaculture Mutual Aid Network. We seek to:

  • Strengthen Bonds: Gather and connect to resolve issues and grow food.
  • Shared Space: Offer a shared space for temporary use.
  • Sustainable Land Use: Our land is used minimally during the spring and summer to allow for regeneration and sustainability.

Learn More
Get Involved

To be a part of our community, we are looking for commitment and affinity. Start by attending one of our public events and through our network of communities.

If you would like to donate financially, you can do so on PayPal with @thepeoplesproject501c3 through our fiscal sponsor “ The People’s Project” or on Cash App using this cashtag: $sharethelandtrust

November 26th, Friendsgiving at Long Leaf

You can email us at LongLeafLayover@gmail.com